Visarc launches rebranded website and members portal for MCIA

The all-new MCIA website has been launched by Visarc. Built and featuring their new branding, the new website will keep MCIA members and non-members up to date with news and information relating to their sector.

The MCIA represents the motorcycle, scooter and Powered Light Vehicle (PLV) industry which is undergoing rapid change. Today, the sector is moving ever more towards personal mobility through Powered Light Vehicles (PLVs) which offer a much wider range of transport options and in turn attracting a much wider audience. The new website is a key part of the MCIAs rebrand and repositioning itself to represent the UK motorcycle, scooter and Powered Light Vehicle (PLV) industry for today and for the journeys of the future.

Key to the success of the site is of course content. News and Market Intelligence are there to keep audiences up to date whether central and local government, journalists, riders or commuters. A new section MCIA Ride is dedicated to bringing a new audience on board and giving them access to accredited motorcycle training schools.

Members have access to a dedicated area with member news, bookable events and more in-depth industry statistics. One of the many objectives of the new site is to increase member traffic by providing more engaging content in the members’ area.

The MCIA logo design & rebrand

The rebrand comes at a time when the MCIA has shifted its approach and positioning within the industry. As technology has changed, so too has the variety of vehicles available to the public. Increases in congestion and the decline in air quality has transformed society’s attitudes to transport. The new brand offers a more inclusive and diverse image, designed to provide a direction and vision of the future in an ever-changing industry.

The MCIA rebrand also included a number of other associated initiatives and brands that have now been brought under a consistent corporate identity unifying their relationship to the association. It’s with this consistent visible presence that the MCIA’s influence and reach over the industry will be seen, and in doing so, ensure that its influence and authority is clearly heard and felt.


Visarc DealerNet CMS and Portal 

The new look website has been built on our very flexible and popular DealerNet portal which has recently undergone a major update. Faster, more flexible and with an improved CMS interface, DealerNet 7 is the latest iteration which is being rolled out across multiple sites.

Visarc will also be providing support for the site along with SEO management services and social media activity to attract new audiences. Particular focus is aimed at those new to motorcycling and personal mobility which are the lifeblood of the industry and its potential future growth.

Communications Manager at the MCIA, Nick Broomhall, said “The MCIA is implementing radical changes as it prepares to face the changing transport environment. Our reshaping will help us represent our members interests as they change too. The new website is central to ensuring we get our message out and support our members as best as possible whilst attracting new members to the motorcycle industry.”

Franc Gamberini, Managing Director at Visarc commented “As a specialist in automotive marketing agency, this is a great project to have been involved with. The MCIA is taking an important step in its 100 year plus history and we’re right at the heart of helping it structure its future. The new website project was implemented very smoothly and we’re now looking forward to implementing longer term strategies and see the website grow in importance.”

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