we’re a carbon neutral marketing agency


reducing our environmental impact

At Visarc, we believe that taking action today will lead to a better world tomorrow. As a business we have already made some significant steps towards reducing our environmental impact.

  • 2 EV charge points available for staff to use since 2017
  • Contract with a renewable electricity supplier since 2017
  • Environmentally friendly and low impact products purchased where options are available
  • A paperless office with an effective reuse / recycling policy

There is always room for improvement though, as part of our long-range business planning we have revaluated our environmental impact and embarked on a process to significantly improve what we do as a business.

In 2022 our Finance Director obtained the necessary certification to be able to accurately measure our carbon footprint. This requires an extensive review of the business, including, energy use, staff commuter journeys, and products ordered by Visarc on behalf of our clients to name but a few things.

The analysis revealed that our position was better than we expected. The steps already taken, combined with being a digital agency and having low commuter miles since we introduced hybrid working all worked in our favour.  Thorough analysis of our carbon footprint has helped us to quantify our annual carbon contribution and identify the key areas to focus on in order to improve.


becoming carbon neutral 

Our first step was to target becoming Carbon Neutral. This is achieved by offsetting our carbon footprint by planting trees and investing in positive impact projects. Not to be confused with Net Zero which should be everyone’s longer term goal and involves radically reducing carbon footprint to as close to zero as possible.

We have subscribed as a business to the Ecologi scheme so we can offset our carbon footprint each year to a verified Gold Standard. For 2021 a total of 1,000 trees were planted and 20 tonnes of carbon offset.

So today, we can very happily say that Visarc is carbon neutral!



Trees planted during 2021


Tonnes of carbon offset in 2021




making further improvements

This year we are striving to reduce commuter miles by introducing a cycle to work scheme and partnering with Octopus EV which allows staff members to use salary sacrifice to cover the cost of the lease of an EV.

Our next important step is collaboration with our suppliers, understanding their carbon footprint and therefore their contributions to Visarc’s. We will explore how we can opt for lower impact solutions and create better options for us and our clients.  

New data every year will help us identify where we can make further improvements. Meanwhile, we have taken some positive steps and can say we are committed to carbon neutral as our absolute minimum position and with support from our staff, clients and suppliers we will continue with our mission to reduce our carbon footprint each year.