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support relationships with journalists and reach more media opportunities

The global media landscape is rapidly evolving. Mainstream journalists operating for established titles will always be of vital importance, but influencers of all shapes and sizes now make up a significant longtail media opportunity that should be maximised. It is not viable to manage those relationships individually, which is why we developed our advanced online newsroom platform, which supports both inbound and the more traditional outbound media relationship management.

your online newsroom

An online newsroom provides journalists and influencers with all the assets and information they need to publish engaging brand stories as quickly and efficiently as possible. Beautifully designed and exactly matching brand guidelines, an online newsroom by Visarc is user-friendly, secure and feature rich.

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Your online newsroom at a glance 


The newsroom homepage is where all of your most important time-bound content is aggregated. Feature story functionality enables pieces to be promoted to the beautiful slider which can be customised to fit within the visual hierarchy of the website. Social media posts can also be integrated showing a different side of your organisation.

news archive

Present all of your news articles in an attractive format to mobile users and beyond. Your news releases can be filtered by content type and topic using the integrated search function. The minimalist user-centred design and multi-lingual functionality makes it easy for international users to find the actual news articles they are looking for. Release detail pages are feature-packed with online press kits strong calls to action and of course links to high-quality images and videos.

image and video archives

Upload high-resolution media files such as images and videos and your Visarc newsroom will automatically create optimised versions of the assets for users and search engines to discover whilst retaining the high-quality versions for downloads. As with the news stories journalists and other stakeholders can easily filter the files by media type and topic to find the material they’re looking for.

product range pages

Sometimes consumer focused websites do not supply product range content in way that suits the needs of media professionals. The Visarc newsroom is flexible and enables communications teams to pull together their product line up in way that suits them. Clear hierarchies can be set, technical information presented and of course all relevant news and media for a product model pulled together in one place, no more searching around.

contacts directory

Different markets or business units can be represented by different communication specialists and in some cases different agencies. Our newsroom software is flexible offering an up-to-date contacts directory enabling inbound enquires to reach the right person.

virtual and in-person events 

Signpost webinars and other events within your online newsroom and make it easy for journalists and influencers to read more and sign up. Content hubs can also be created to support event delivery and post-event recaps, including supporting visual media.

A generic press release page from a Visarc Online Newsroom

key features

  • Drag and drop inline content editor
  • Powerful global asset search
  • International contacts directory
  • Personalised media kits
  • Embargo friendly publication scheduler
  • Event content hubs
  • Product content hubs
  • Product pages
  • Video player and downloader
  • Press release archives
  • Hi-resolution multimedia archives
  • Complete multi-language support
  • Optimised for international SEO
  • Granular web analytics and dashboarding
  • Dynamic content personalisation
  • GDPR-compliant data capture
  • Newsletter subscription with integrated email broadcasts and subscriber management


attract opinion leaders from all over the world

A Visarc newsroom can be setup in either a national or an international format. It has been designed to support search engine optimisation on all levels including advanced international SEO features such as hreflang annotations. This enables your brands stories to reach opinion leaders from all over the world.

raise brand awareness and build trust

Stories resonate with people far more than services or products. An online newsroom is the perfect platform for presenting what your brand has to say. Highly customisable and built to generate leads with new journalists and nurture relationships with existing ones, Visarc's online newsrooms support your brand to secure the awareness, trust, and loyalty of media contacts in your industry.

pixel perfect design that follows brand guidelines

Consistency is key when developing a brand website. A Visarc newsroom can be fully customised to respect brand guidelines and complement your existing customer facing websites. Our in-house creative team and projects managers will work with you to design a beautiful and professional looking newsroom to your exact requirements.   

user-friendly and efficient

For media professionals time is always in short supply, this is why all newsrooms we deploy offer the same core timesaving features such as an in-line content editor, templated content, page-level user access control and an active contacts directory for release news alerts. This last feature enables a global media alert to be sent to a targeted list of subscribers in just a few clicks.   

detailed insights into what's trending and why

A Visarc newsroom can integrate with your web analytics solution of choice. Supported platforms include Google Analytics 4,, and Adobe Analytics. Our in-house digital marketing team will work with you to design analytics dashboard reports which are always up to date. These dashboards will give you unrivalled insights into what stories, images, and videos are of most interest to journalists and influencers in your industry.

always up to date, always performing

We regularly update our core newsroom platform adding security updates, improving performance, and adding new features, some of which are standard, some are paid add-ons. Our focus on innovation ensures your Visarc newsroom is always secure, findable, and easy to use.

service, not just software

Visarc is not just a newsroom website design specialist, it is a fully integrated marketing agency. Beyond our talented team of web developers, the agency offers an experienced client services team that will support you in the setup of your newsroom. From migration away from an existing service to last-minute release go lives, our mission is your success. We also offer an innovative creative team that can design anything from bespoke web apps to NFC business cards and a digital marketing team that can develop tailored SEO or advertising services on your behalf.


A generic homepage from a Visarc Online Newsroom

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