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The concept of brand is often misunderstood. This expansive concept which touches upon everything from visual identity to company values is a potent tool that can be used to affect the way people think and feel about your business. The most influential companies understand this and identify not just what matters most to people, but why "it" matters.

Let's collaborate to create a brand that has a distinctive voice and a story worth telling. We'll help you to develop an approachable, unforgettable, and real identity that ignites people's emotions and delivers tangible commercial value.

Our full-service branding agency includes specialists working across both design, digital marketing strategy, and web development. We offer an array of agency services that support both the launch of new brands, and the evolution of those that already exist.

why choose Visarc as your branding agency?

Resonant branding naturally flows from a creative process that is both thorough and efficient. From project discovery sessions, through to consumer research, mock-ups, and final production, your branding project will follow a clear process designed to get results.

One of the main advantages of working with a fully integrated agency is that when you are ready to tell the world about your branding project you don't need to synchronise activity with numerous third parties. Our ability to manage everything under one roof enables our team to keep the highest of standards and to work effectively. For this reason, over 20 years after launch our client list continues to grow organically, with many of the best-known brands we started out with, still working with us today.



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new brand identities

Branding Brand Strategy and Planning

strategy services and planning

All brand identity projects kick off with a targeted discovery phase which allows us to get to know your business. This guided exploration will lead to research and initial proposals for your top-level branding strategy.

With buy in achieved, we will start to work on initial creative routes to be reviewed and developed. If requested, panel testing with your target audience will follow, with consumer insights feeding into the development of the overall project direction.

Branding Brand Name Creation

brand naming

In Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, the playwright famously wrote "What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet”. Experience has shown marketers that whilst this is a beautifully written line, it is in fact not true.

Excellent product offerings with a poorly conceived name may not work. Many have read how the Ford Pinto epically missed the mark in Brazil during the 1970's, there are many more examples of similar failures. Naming a brand takes real consideration and space to think, you don't need to do this on your own, we can help.

Branding Brand Logo Design

logo design

A brand is so much more than a logo, but this crucial piece of design will form the touchstone many people use to judge your organisation. We will work closely with you to develop a range of design options based on the earlier research phase of the project, one of which will lead to your new brand identity.

We'll ensure that it aligns with the overall story you are telling and be flexible enough to work across all the physical and virtual surfaces you plan to apply it.

Creative Agency Graphic Design

graphic design

Our expert graphic design team have worked with some of world's most successful brands and can guide you every step of the way towards creating a visual identity that truly stands out.

From design for print brochures through to your social media profiles we can develop flexible template driven solutions allowing you to rapidly create new and engaging content in a consistent way that resonates with your target audience.

Branding Brand Voice and Tone

brand voice and tone

Your company narrative should reflect its personality. Is it unconventional, optimistic, or perhaps highly emotive? When you define how your brand behaves in given scenarios all customer touchpoints should reflect the same traits to create a consistent personality your customers can rely on.

Consistency of values is one thing, but would you speak to your friends in the same way that you speak to a potential new customer? Probably not, context matters. Our talented team of creatives can support you in developing a style guide for your brand that defines appropriate examples of tone and where these can be used.

Branding Brand Guidelines

brand guidelines

One of the most important outputs from any branding project will not be seen by your customers at all, your brand guidelines. The creation of a concise easily shared set of rules is vital, particularly when working with geographically distributed teams in multiple markets.

Our team will collaborate with you to produce carefully crafted brand guidelines that ensure consistent output and support your employees in confidently presenting the brand to your client base.

Brand Design Agency 2

rebranding and brand refreshes

Branding Art Direction


Art direction is an essential component in any brand or rebrand process. It supports the development of an agreed aesthetic, giving the project a unique feel.

From early in the brand development process, our senior creatives will take the lead on strategy development, coordinating and signing off the work of our designers, photographers, animators, and web developers as your project moves towards completion.

Branding Customer Profiles and Data

change powered by data

The concept of brand is often misunderstood. This expansive concept which touches upon everything from visual identity to company values is a potent tool that can be used to affect the way people think and feel about your business.

We’re living in the age of the individual, with tomorrow's consumers (Gen Z) taking things one step further. Self-declared identity nomads, companies can no longer rely on retaining loyalty long term without making an effort to evolve too. Bold brands truly understand this, identifying not just what matters most to people, but why "it" matters. We'd love to join you on that journey.

Branding Logo Evolution

logo evolution

You can clearly see how the ubiquity of mobile devices has influenced a move away from stylized logo designs to be replaced by something often simpler and flat.

As part of the rebrand process our project teams will explore how far you need to take the evolution of your logo, considering your heritage, your market and the long-term strategy of your business.

Branding New Brand Voice

finding a new voice

The attitudes of companies and the language they use to position themselves inevitably has to change over time. Millennials and Gen Z are drawn to brands that use their influence to take a stand on important societal issues. It's not just what a brand says that matters though, it's how it says it.

Stream the latest drama or turn on the radio and you'll hear an array of accents that would never have made the cut in the past. The way people talk is changing, our creative agency will work with you to establish a company narrative and tone that resonates with your prospective clients

Branding Internal Communication

internal communication

A rebrand is often far more involved than simply revising a logo, sometimes it involves a complete shift in company culture. Our experienced team will help you plan a phased internal communications campaign with the same precision applied when talking to the public at large.

It takes time to win over a team, but the investment is worthwhile. Plan training and develop shareable assets, every employee is a potential micro-influencer that can support the launch of your revised brand, free social media marketing!

Branding Beyond Brand Campaigns

beyond rebrand campaigns

Like most advertising agencies, we know that the acid test of any rebrand is the response gained from the campaign used to launch it. In every case we expect this to be successful, but we are not naive.

The larger the brand, the more likely it will face a mix of feedback on its decision to evolve. By planning ahead and anticipating the range of responses received we can work with your PR team to develop preprepared statements. Using digital listening technology, we can isolate the conversations that matter, respond where appropriate, and positively amplify the rebrand activity.



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brand management

Branding Brand Monitoring

brand monitoring

The explosive growth of digital means that brands can no longer control every representation or conversation involving them, they have to choose their battles. Using our digital agency services, you can now identify the most important conversations and focus on those first.

From trademark monitoring in Google Search results to trending conversations in social media, we offer the services you need to protect and optimise your brand.

Branding Brand Portfolio Strategy

brand portfolio strategy

A brand portfolio is built up over time, through organic growth or acquisition. It is normal for the style and sentiment of the brands within the portfolio to differ and in some cases to be at odds with one another. Sometimes this will be intentional but often it will not.

Our team of branding experts will work with you to define the market segments you want to reach, by what means they can be targeted and how the array of brands in the portfolio can be positioned to resonate with a range of audiences.

Branding Brand Compliance

brand compliance

Using a combination of technology and processes, our agency team offers a comprehensive brand compliance service.

From affiliate marketing partners to approved retailers we can monitor how they use your brand in day-to-day communication, reporting on any issues and recommending corrective measures based on the current digital brand guidelines and contracts in place. 



UK based branding agency

Visarc is a full-service agency based just outside of London in the UK. We regularly work in the city, but also travel further afield to manage and deliver our unique approach to branding.

With a wide range of integrated services spanning design, web development and digital marketing we can support any requirement from complete branding projects with launch campaigns, through to individual creative solutions such as the development of a new style guide. Gain an unfair advantage, reach out to our team today to talk about your next branding project.


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