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Visarc employs a team of highly experienced software developers and systems architects. These advanced in-house digital skills mean we can take on complex challenges, bridging the gap between the capabilities of a more traditional digital agency and dedicated software development companies.

We develop innovative, bespoke systems that are the perfect fit for your business, improving efficiency and visibility. Our extensive experience and dedication to future technologies means that we always select the most appropriate technology to suit the project. To sit alongside this, we know how working with technology requires collaborative working methods. We have finessed our internal processes to ensure quality assurance through dedicated project management teams and rigorous testing programmes.

Our custom solutions include eLearning systems and bespoke tools such as quote generators, vehicle booking systems and event management tools, all beautifully integrated into your website or intranet.

Visarc has also developed an intranet system which is being used by many customers to facilitate communications between thousands of users. The system improves communication out of the box but more importantly forms a highly flexible platform to start solving your unique challenges with bespoke developments that integrate seamlessly into daily routines.

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DealerNet - our flexible communications intranet

  • Multi-use company intranet
  • Easy to use CMS
  • News portal and information repository
  • Multiple plugins available

DealerNet is a communications portal that provides staff, partners, vendors and suppliers or any other authorised group of users access to news and information.

DealerNet allows coordinated communication, one-to-many, improving how businesses keep their internal and external teams informed. Acting both as a news portal and a repository of information, DealerNet has an easy to use CMS to manage content. Notifications can be issued automatically to users to ensure they are kept up to speed and encouraged to use the system.

The flexibility of the intranet portal allows for multiple plugins to be integrated into the core system. These plugins can be one of our, existing bolt-ons such as:

  • Marketing Portal – for easy distribution of marketing materials and tools;
  • Vehicle Booking – for fleet management;
  • Image Library – for fast, search lead image sourcing;
  • eLearning – for centralised online training

And if necessary, bespoke plug-ins can be developed to solve your unique business challenges.

Our DealerNet can be implemented in its standard form or can be adapted for bespoke needs. A demo can be arranged quickly and will instantly impress how easy it is to use and how effective a business tool it is. Contact us to find out more.

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