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We collaboratively work with clients to fully leverage the power of social media marketing across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

We help businesses by planning content and messaging strategies that resonate with audiences on social to drive awareness, interaction and engagement.

Our content strategists generate high quality content that is designed to ignite conversation, spark reaction, and ultimately create share-ability.

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social media strategy

  • Effective social strategies
  • Audience research
  • Planning and road mapping

We work hard to understand your business and target audience and create effective strategies that deliver results based on defined objectives. Our strategic thinking then creates a road map to guide content creation with governance principles for community management.

social media management

  • Content development
  • Brand relevancy
  • Rich and engaging campaigns

Our social media managers work closely with our in-house creative team to focus on ideas generation, through concept and content development to deliver stand-out creative. Our approach to content creation for social is to create rich and engaging cohesive campaigns that are brand relevant but customer centric. We’re trusted brand guardians with a deep understanding of brand compliance and we ensure all communications are consistent and resonate with core brand personality, tone of voice and key themes. This extends across account and profile creation, evolution of content and expertly designed image and video assets formatted to platform specifications.

social media advertising

  • Boost your best content
  • Effective paid media management
  • Aligned to business goals

Outside of supporting you with an always on organic social strategy we can also further boost your best performing content with sponsored posts or social advertising. There are various advertising objectives that can be selected to create campaigns across social media channels. Our job is to ensure any paid media management is effective and supports your wider strategy and overarching vision for social.

social media PPC

  • Objective setting
  • Innovative ad formats
  • Messaging guidance
  • Leverage platform capabilities

Social media platforms provide highly targeted opportunities for businesses looking to reach very specific audiences.  From Facebook ads to LinkedIn advertising solutions, to Twitter and Instagram, your business can reach potential customers across a range of social platforms with paid social PPC campaigns.

Dependent on your business objectives and your target audience, we collaborate with you to design, deliver and manage highly effective PPC campaigns. We produce innovative and creatively led ad formats that are results focused and ensure we leverage the full capabilities of each social media platform to optimum effect.

social media outreach and influencer marketing

  • Identify influencers
  • Establish outreach programmes
  • Social media partnerships

We can also work with clients to identify relevant influencers and outreach approaches where there is a focus on a mutually beneficial arrangement. We help to strengthen social media partnerships and build trust with opportunities around co-creation of content to extend reach with highly relevant and engaged audiences.

reporting and evaluation

  • Data analysis
  • Platform monitoring
  • Audience targeting and profiling
  • Reporting social media metrics

We extensively extract and analyse data across a range of campaigns with effective tracking, measurement and reporting aligned to business goals. We also adopt an evaluative approach to data analysis through content auditing, platform and audience monitoring and comment analysis, in order to understand the value of a particular piece of content to a targeted audience.

Our digital marketing team have a robust understanding of audience targeting, profiling and demographics based on audience segments, often creating reporting frameworks so that varying metrics can be used to fully understand the true value of content. Our team take both a quantitative and qualitative approach to content performance based on organic reach, sentiment, engagement and share metrics along with influencer performance and impact.

We understand that creating and delivering quality content is a commitment, as well as an investment, so we ensure that objectives are understood at the outset of a project. This enables us to establish an effective reporting structure so that any learnings gleaned can be applied as part of an evolving content development approach.

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