Eurotunnel history brought to life through exhibition design

Image of Eurotunnel History exhibition design

Image of Eurotunnel History exhibition design


The history room exhibition display project was briefed to us by Eurotunnel with the aim of celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the tunnel.

Taking advantage of a room becoming available in the UK terminal, Eurotunnel wanted to leverage this space with enticing exhibition graphics to inform and inspire visitors about the history of the tunnel and to celebrate what a huge feat of engineering the tunnel is.

The exhibition design would be a key centrepiece of a planned launch event as part of the 25th Anniversary celebrations.


developing inspirational exhibition ideas

Our design team were briefed to collate and visualise the history and backstory of the tunnel to inform audiences of all ages through a series of inspirational exhibition ideas.

Once all information was gathered, we began to craft a compelling brand story by dividing the room into key themes to create an interesting narrative focussing on:

  • Iconic moments such as the breakthrough/handshake photo
  • The timeline from pre-Eurotunnel to build with key milestones, facts and figures
  • Eurostar: to clarify any confusion between Eurotunnel Le Shuttle and Eurostar
  • Sustainability and the environment
  • Eleclink – looking ahead to the future with the new power link between the UK and the continent

Visarc were responsible for all of the creative outputs including all research, copywriting, conceptualising and visualisation for each of the exhibition design spaces.

We created a design style that would work throughout the room at each touchpoint and present information to appeal to audiences of all ages. This was achieved through powerful images, design treatments, bespoke illustrations and bold messages, all applied to the exhibition graphics.


Image of Eurotunnel Exhibition Display

Image of Eurotunnel Exhibition Display


creating an iconic exhibition display

Key to this success was our long-standing relationship with Eurotunnel. We had a blank canvas to work with but above all we wanted to create a stand-out brand experience to last many years. Having collaborated with Eurotunnel as a marketing agency since 2011, we were very familiar with their story. We mined, extracted and recreated key visuals by taking inspiration from materials recently produced by Visarc to create a space that really celebrates the Eurotunnel brand story and brings history to life.

The launch event took place on 26th February 2019 and was attended by journalists and key partners with celebration at the heart of it.


As a marketing agency based in Kent, we are proud of our local history so were delighted when Eurotunnel approached us with this project. Eurotunnel is a remarkable product and service, delivering so efficiently, we forget just what an amazing achievement it is. The team here have delivered an exceptional job bringing the history of the tunnel to life. It’s a project we are very honoured to have worked on.

franc gamberini, managing director at Visarc


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