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We have been working as a specialist Umbraco agency for many years and collectively our team of developers have delivered countless Umbraco CMS websites. Having delivered solutions based on multiple content management systems (CMS), we have selected Umbraco as our open source CMS platform of choice owing to its usability, flexibility and support.

That’s why we’ve invested to become an Umbraco Gold Partner, to make sure we and you get the most from Umbraco as a core CMS platform. As an Umbraco Gold Partner, this means we also gain direct access to Umbraco head office in Denmark for support giving you extra reassurance and ongoing technical expertise. It will come as no surprise that our development team are trained and every member has gained the status of Umbraco Certified Professional.

Umbraco is a .NET content management system, this means that it uses technology we already use at Visarc and so we have the tools and the skills to tackle any situation. Umbraco is supported by a growing HQ and a thriving and active community of developers. It is an open-source platform which means that HQ, the community and Visarc can contribute to the development of the platform whether that means adding features, fixing bugs or streamlining processes. Should you require, we can also provide technical consultancy to help you in scoping out and shaping the right Umbraco solution for your business needs.

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getting the most out of the Umbraco CMS

  • Ease of development
  • Flexibility
  • A scalable framework
  • User friendly (known as The Friendly CMS)
  • CMS user management and workflows
  • Suite of Umbraco plugins
  • SEO plugins

Umbraco is the most deployed CMS on Microsoft (.NET) stack, used by Microsoft themselves for the asp.net website. There are over 500,000 websites running the Umbraco CMS, large enterprise installations of Umbraco can be found everywhere from The European Commission to Carlsberg and Vogue.

So it comes as no surprise that Umbraco has an array of associated features that ensure your solution has capabilities to scale and a level of flexibility to suit your business requirements. With Umbraco, every CMS project we deliver is designed and built to drive an intuitive user experience for all audiences. This includes optimising the flows of creating and managing your content as a CMS content editor.

What's more, it comes with a very wide range of plugins that have been developed for Umbraco, from cookies management, SEO, form building to WhatsApp messaging. As technology implementers, we will select the best plugins to deliver for your project.

Umbraco integration with third party systems

  • DVLA and Google Maps APIs
  • Twilio
  • SendGrid
  • Social media API's

Visarc are specialists at developing .NET web applications so we’re well positioned to integrate your website with third party applications or to develop a bespoke plugin for your business.

As a main framework Umbraco already has a lot to offer. What makes it even more compelling is the ease of integration to third party systems.

Umbraco's API allows for easy integration whether it’s your e-commerce platform, CRM or even combining data from your legacy business system. The core CMS framework capabilities can be fundamentally leveraged to support custom requirements and third-party integrations.

keeping up to date with the latest version of Umbraco

  • Streamlining the user invitation process
  • Intelligent media restore from the recycle bin
  • Integrated link anchors
  • Improved user interface for password management

Umbraco is a constantly evolving and improving CMS and as a Gold Partner, we’re always keeping on top of the latest developments. Our developers are fully trained and experts in Umbraco and this gives you the reassurance of dealing with the right team.

We make sure we know what’s coming around the next corner and how this can help the development and maintenance of your site and ultimately also improve its resilience.

Updates to Umbraco are released continuously and we work with you to ensure that your site is kept up to date.  So if you already have an Umbraco website, we can also support with upgrade services to ensure you are always getting the most from the platform with the latest software and updates. 

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