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what is Umbraco?

It’s a very good question. What is Umbraco? Well, let’s start with the essentials. Umbraco is a .NET open-source Content Management System (CMS), this means that the core code base is freely available to download and use. Free, open source technology can cause concern, particularly at an enterprise level, but rest assured this is a solution that is extremely well-built and supported. If you’re spending anything annually on a CMS licence and even more so if you’re committing thousands, then you’re missing an opportunity to make major reductions in your costs without losing quality.

no limits

Amongst thousands of CMS out there, Umbraco stands out for its simplicity, flexibility, and clarity, handling projects of any size and complexity. The Visarc Digital Team really appreciate that Umbraco imposes no limits and no arbitrary restrictions. This means that the system is adjusted to meet the needs of the project rather than the project being shaped by the CMS.


Meanwhile content administrators enjoy the simplicity and very easy to learn user interface and workflows. In short, Umbraco is a CMS that creates no barriers to all those who interact with it.

plugin ecosystem

One of the key features of any CMS is its plugin ecosystem. Umbraco and its community of open source developers have created thousands of plugins which extend the CMS in every direction from ecommerce to email marketing and even mobile app management. All of this is possible while retaining the familiar and simple layouts and tools within Umbraco itself.

global appeal

Its flexibility has caught the eye of many companies. Right now there over half a million installations of the software globally. Plus there’s a massive community of developers, over 200,000. Which means it becomes a much simpler task if you ever need to change supplier (obviously we hope you’ll never want to stop using Visarc, but it’s good to know).

community strength

The strength of the developer community adds even greater value. Being an open source CMS means that it’s constantly being developed at a much faster rate than many paid solutions. This means new functionality, bugs fixes, security patches and system evolution all far quicker than other solutions.

Umbraco partners

So what is Umbraco? With so many CMSs to choose from, it’s the one with so many advantages over the others (including being free) that we recommend it more than any other. And it’s why we are Umbraco Partners.

who is behind Umbraco?

Despite being open source Umbraco’s core code base is developed by a commercial organisation. Umbraco A/S is a team of over 50 people constantly working on the development of the core platform.

what is the latest version of Umbraco?

The most recent version of Umbraco is Umbraco 10, which was released in June of 2022.

Prior to that version 9 was released in September 2021, this featured a significant redesign of the back-office user interface.

visarc and Umbraco

We are an award-winning integrated marketing agency, with a Digital Team that specialises in building websites powered by the Umbraco CMS. Visarc is recognised as an Umbraco Partner, which means our talented team of developers have passed various rounds of exams, meaning you can relax knowing that your Umbraco web development project is in safe hands.

Wider digital services include intranet design, search engine optimisation, search engine advertising, paid social campaign management as well as content marketing strategy and execution.

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