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Umbraco upgrade

In between the release of each new Umbraco version, regular patch releases and updates are made available. These add new functionality and fix any issues that might prevent your Umbraco website from functioning as well as possible. Our hosted sites benefit from a support programme which will ensure these updates are made seamlessly without your involvement.

Major releases are far less frequent, with Umbraco 10 becoming available in June 2022. The development team at Visarc have the Umbraco experience necessary to implement new projects on Umbraco 10 or migrate your existing site. Depending on the health and functionality of your existing setup, this may be carried out as a simple migration. However more complex or older websites may necessitate a more involved implementation. When this is the case, it is sometimes more efficient and cost effective to rebuild the website at the same time, using the most up to date best practices.

When migrating sites, we will document the design and functionality of your site and agree a migration plan with you. This will ensure that your new site delivers the same requirements of the old but using the latest available resources.

Whatever version of Umbraco your site is currently running there are likely to be many new tools available which could streamline your current content workflows that provide whole new ways of delivering content. Our team will be able to walk you through everything that your migrated site will gain so you can enjoy the benefits of the latest release of Umbraco.

visarc and Umbraco

We are an award-winning integrated marketing agency, with a Digital Team that specialises in building websites powered by the Umbraco CMS. Visarc is recognised as a Umbraco Partner, which means our talented team of developers have passed various rounds of exams, meaning you can relax knowing that your Umbraco web development project is in safe hands.

Wider digital services include intranet design, search engine optimisation, search engine advertising, paid social campaign management as well as content marketing strategy and execution.

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