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Umbraco website health-check

Sometimes you know or at least suspect that your Umbraco website is not performing quite as it should. Too many glitches, slow performance, or even data going missing. That’s when it’s probably time to look into and Umbraco website health check.

The team at Visarc have many years of experience building, migrating and optimising Umbraco websites. Before we start working with new clients that have a pre-existing Umbraco installation we normally offer an Umbraco website health check. Starting with a free overview of your site’s performance and progressing to a more in-depth analysis if required. As an Umbraco Partner, all of our developers are Umbraco qualified, and we invest continuously in training and developing them, so they understand and are able to implement the latest features and functionality offered by the CMS. As an Umbraco Partner, we ensure that our team is always amongst the best there is. Ultimately there’s nothing quite like experience. Many years of Umbraco website implementation and coding gives us a full understanding of the pitfalls that sites may suffer from.


ready to upgrade from Umbraco version 6, 7, 8 or 9?

Performance issues may be as simple as lack of investment over time, leading to an old and out of date version of Umbraco still being used. Our team can advise and implement upgrades, identifying whether a migration is possible or whether the site requires a re-build. Often many clients choose to opt for a new release of Umbraco as the moment to renew their whole site, but this needn’t be the case if the site is still relatively recent.

patches not implemented

Common to many sites which haven’t been consistently managed over time is that all of the patches released by Umbraco may not have been implemented. As Umbraco is a constantly evolving system, these will resolve many of the glitches which you may be experiencing with your site. More importantly, they will also remove security risks within the CMS. All our hosted websites are monitored continuously for Umbraco updates ensuring we keep the sites and their CMS in good health.

badly set-up Umbraco websites

Sometimes, websites are just not set-up correctly from the very start. Short-cuts, poor coding, and illogical paths can all lead to poor performance. Our team can investigate and identify issues then recommend and implement fixes. It requires a great deal of knowledge and experienced to both set-up a site correctly, but also to be able to identify where there is flawed logic. That’s why our team of Umbraco developers is fully trained and continuously invested in.

poor Umbraco expansions and integrations

It is very common, even for well-built sites, for site expansion and integrations to be poorly implemented, sometimes shoehorned into existing solutions. This is where our Umbraco developers will investigate your project, identify issues, and recommend solutions.

Third party applications are also updated frequently and your integration with these can stop working with no warning. Our developers can take your integrations and evaluate an update path to get you back up and running.

visarc and Umbraco

We are an award-winning integrated marketing agency, with a Digital Team that specialises in building websites powered by the Umbraco CMS. Visarc is recognised as a Umbraco Partner, which means our talented team of developers have passed various rounds of exams, meaning you can relax knowing that your Umbraco web development project is in safe hands.

Wider digital services include intranet design, search engine optimisation, search engine advertising, paid social campaign management as well as content marketing strategy and execution.

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